Monday, April 05, 2010

14 Facts about me!

1.) I have a pet dog and two birds.
2.) My favorite animal used to be an octopus, but was replaced last year by the common Grey Wolf.
3.) I love Shelfari and Facebook.
4.) I dread having to write all the facts for, like, my 50th birthday. Yipes! I'd be up all night!
5.) My favorite blog is
6.) My best friend is Michaela, who is also my cousin.
7.) I watch a lot of movies, but don't really like Disney. Pixar is my favorite.
8.) I love science fiction and fantasy books.
9.) I often quote the Melendy books, by Elizabeth Enright. In fact, I quoted them so much that now, whenever my Mother hears me say, "that just reminded me.." she asks, "Does it have something to do with Elizabeth Enright?"
10.) I am constantly stubbing my toes and spraining my ankle, an am actually known as the Cunningham who always gets her feet stepped on.
11.) I loooooooooooooove to read read read!!!
12.) I am taking online classes in Latin, Arithmetic, Catechism and World Chronology at Classical Liberal Arts Academy. I pretty much only like Catechism, and I'm currently on a really hard lesson in Latin.
13.) My hobbies are writing, drawing, and cleaning.
14.) I'm taking art lessons at an art school, and I am exceeding grateful to my grandparents, who are paying for it.

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