Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some of my Drawings

First, a pen picture of a zebra centaur. She is supposed to be African-American, but you can't really tell. The stripes took me ages!

I have been quite obsessed with griphons lately, and this is a very quickly drawn one in crayon. As you can tell, his wings aren't finished yet, and I forgot to give him a beak. Oh, well.

A four-headed dragon I drew a couple of years ago, I was quite interested in multiple-headed dragons at that time.
Another dragon, drawn a couple of weeks ago. Pencil, crayon, and colored pencil. I call her "Cascade" as she is obviously breed "Aqua Dragon" ;)

Another dragon. My last, which was drawn on the same day as that four-headed one. Not a true dragon breed. lives underwater. I like it :)

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Eco Warrior said...

Hi! I found your four-headed dragon really interesting!