Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Friendley Frogs

Once I had a frog named Peep. I found Peep under the basket-ball stand that was his home. We all cought a frog, the we is Kiki and some friends and me. We were at our friends house, and they said we could keep him. That night we drove home. It rained so bad we were soaked when we got from the house to the car. As we drove home we talked about frogs, so I thought my Mommy and Poppy knew about my frog. I sure am glad they let me keep him. He was kept him in a small terrarium in my room. He had one problem though, when I would throw plastic toys in the metal bin we had for them they would make a loud noise and Peep would croak really loudly. I finally let him go. It is now about two years later (or more) and I am posting him on my blog. For such a small frog he sure did make a big croak in the world! Now, we have more frogs that someone in our church gave us! Yeppe!

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