Monday, February 05, 2007

My Top Ten Favorite Books

1. The Mightiest Heart-Lynn Collen
2. The Seven Silly Eaters-Mary Ann Hoberman
3. The Seceret Garden-Frances Hogson Burnett
4. The Little Princess-Frances Hogson Burnett
5. Encyclopedia Brown-?
6. The Complete Book Of The Flower Fairys-?
7. A Childrens Treasury of Mythology-?
8. Queen Cat (Fairy Tale)
9. The Seven Story Mistake-Elizabeth Enright
10. The Saturdays-Elizabeth Enright


Jessi said...

Clo-mo, what great book choices, especially A Little Princess and A Secret Garden. I read both of those in October during my 30 hours of travel... Read Because of Winn-Dixie if you get a chance. It's about a girl, her dog, and growing up. I love it.

Love you sweetie!
Aunt Jessi

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