Monday, October 30, 2006

Knitting With Pencils #2

This morning and last night I've been knitting with pencils. I'm making booties for my doll Gracie. Last night I made my first bootie ever! It turnd out really nice. Also yesterday we had the Smiths over, they live all the way in Tennissee! Before we left for church Benji locked himself in Mommy's and Poppy's bedrom. He coulden't un-lock the door so we had to call Poppy to come home. He actuly knocked the wall out over the door!!! Then (becase I'm afraid of hights) Kiki rescued Benji by going though the hole in the wall and getting on our really tall lader and un-locking the door. Every one was happy.


Fr. Brad+ said...

Hey chloe,

Your pencil-knit booties are really impressive, especialy for a first try.

We need to figure out how to put a picture on the web.

Angie said...

Benji got stuck?? I'm glad everyone is okay and that your mom didn't die of a heart attack!!