Monday, July 31, 2006


Today is the first day of school, I love school. (I could live without math though.) Thank-you for writing Aunt Ang and Jess!


Fr. Brad+ said...

I think you got that math thing from me. MAth was always my least favorite subject. But you know what - when I tried hard I did it pretty well - but not as well as you do math!

I enjoy your blog. Keep it up.


Xie said...

I did not like Math when I was your age. But, I am very glad I learned it because it helped me manage my money, that is when I was older and got some money. Maybe you could have your Math class first thing in the money and get it over with. Just think, you would have the rest of the class day to study all the things you do like. That's how I manage my day now. I do the thing I least like to do early in the day and then say Hooray! The day is all mine now.

Xie said...

Chloe, I must have had money on my mind because I wrote "money" instead of morning in the blog I just sent you.

Jessi said...

school! How's it going Clo? Also, how was your art class?